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India TV launches two dedicated CTV channels

By the end of year 2025, the CTV market in India is expected to surge from 10 million to a whopping 40 million.

In a tech-driven era where connected TV (CTV) is becoming a household necessity, India TV, a prominent Hindi news channel, has taken a pioneering leap by becoming the sole news group to boast not just one, but two dedicated CTV channels, along with their main channel stream on CTV devices. With the CTV market in India expected to surge from 10 million to a whopping 40 million by 2025, this strategic move positions India TV at the forefront of the changing news landscape.

The surge in CTV adoption has been likened to the growth trajectory seen in smartphone penetration. Riding this wave, India TV has introduced India TV Live, India TV Speed News, and India TV Aap ki Adalat on CTV platforms, with more channels in the pipeline for the near future. This decision aligns with CTV's unique ability to blend the immersive experience of large screen TVs with the precision of digital targeting and measurement. It also offers a gateway to affluent urban households, allowing viewers to consume content tailored to their preferences in terms of nature, convenience, and consistency.

Ritu Dhawan, the managing director and CEO of India TV, emphasized the importance of expanding content offerings on the flourishing CTV platform. Dhawan stated, “By launching these channels, we want to cement our position as a leader in the CTV space. We also want to show that value to our viewers by providing them contextualized, nuanced, and relevant information in multiple formats, themes, and devices on this platform.”

Apart from content enrichment, CTV brings exciting new dimensions to advertising. Advertisers can now craft user-specific ads, enhancing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. As CTV is internet-enabled, it opens up a plethora of advertising opportunities and formats, revolutionizing the way advertisers connect with their audiences.

The ever-evolving CTV ecosystem is driven by rapid technological advancements. India TV recognizes the need to present content in a manner that resonates with viewers' familiar navigation and content styles. Dhawan believes that this approach has played a crucial role in maintaining India TV's position as the nation's most engaged news video publisher. Going forward, the digital-first approach, localization, explainers, and user-generated content are set to define the future of content consumption.

As the CTV revolution continues to reshape media consumption, India TV's bold move positions it as a trailblazer, harnessing the power of CTV to offer a dynamic and immersive news experience to its viewers.

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