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iTV Network pulls all its channels from BARC ratings

It joins Zee Media and NDTV who too have exited the TV ratings agency.

iTV Network, joining Zee Media and NDTV, has pulled all its channels from BARC with immediate effect.

The network owns nine channels including two national channels - India News, NewsX and seven regional channels - India News Haryana, India News UP/UK, India News MPCG, India News Gujarat, India News Rajasthan, India News Punjab-Himachal-Jammu Kashmir and NE News.

In an official statement, it stated that it had “time and again… raised our concern reservations over the arbitrary and unilateral mechanism being used by BARC.”

“We have raised very serious issues regarding the reliability of the ratings, but none of our concerns has been addressed to date. There is a total loss of faith and credibility in the working of BARC, and we along with many broadcasters are forced to remain connected with BARC because it is the only TV rating agency and enjoys a dominant position. The unexplained actions of BARC have greatly damaged our networks.”

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