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Mirchi 98.3 launches Seedhi Jalebiyaan, an all-new afternoon show in Mumbai

Mirchi has collaborated with the Nutan Mumbai Tiffin Boxes Suppliers Charity Trust and Mumbai Tiffin Boxes Suppliers Association.

Mirchi, the city-centric music and entertainment company, announces the launch of its latest afternoon radio show, ‘Seedhi Jalebiyan’ in Mumbai. Hosted by the duo of Mirchi RJ Dnyaneshwari and Mirchi RJ Megha, the show is all set to air every day from 12 to 5 pm on 98.3 Mirchi. It is conceptualised to cater to male audiences and provide them with unique takes on subjects such as men’s grooming, relationships, and more. With expert guidance at its core, Seedhi Jalebiyan is a dedicated space where men can engage in a fun banter, see an alternate view and hopefully gain valuable insights.

Mirchi collaborated with the Nutan Mumbai Tiffin Boxes Suppliers Charity Trust and Mumbai Tiffin Boxes Suppliers Association, known as Mumbai ke Dabbewalas. The collaboration was aimed at stirring intrigue and excitement among listeners by curating and distributing customised boxes of straight-shaped jalebis across Mumbai. In a playful twist, listeners were tipped off to keep a watchful eye on their dabbas, ensuring that they were in for an unexpected treat.

As a lead-up to the show’s launch, A-lister celebrities including Vicky Kaushal, Emraan Hashmi, Fatima Sana Sheikh, Aamir Ali, and Sharad Kelkar lent their voice to endorse the show on 98.3 Mirchi. Announcing the launch of the show, Mirchi hosted an exclusive soirée inviting select influencers including Suvrat Joshi, Zeeshan Khan, and Kashish Punder among others wherein listeners got the opportunity to interact with their favourite Mirchi RJs and content creators.

The show will entertain Mirchi listeners during their afternoons. The show's unique approach, Women Not Allowed, featuring two female co-hosts, is sure to capture the audience's interest. Mirchi RJ Dnyaneshwari and Mirchi RJ Megha will discuss various thought-provoking topics related to men, such as deciphering the bro-code and exploring the complexities of male-female relationships. But that's not all! The show has also invited an intimacy expert, Dr. Tanaya, also known as Dr_Cuterus, who will provide her expert insights on listeners' questions. Additionally, listeners can tune in to receive expert advice on fitness and finance.

Commenting on the show, Vishaal Sethia, national content director, ENIL, Mirchi, said, “We are thrilled to launch our latest afternoon show in Mumbai – Seedhi Jalebiyan. The tagline ‘Women Not Allowed’ is a conscious approach to target men and garner the attention of women listeners at the same time. Through this show, Mirchi aims to capture our listeners’ interest with a range of interesting and relatable content on-air. The show adds to our afternoon radio content offering and offers a unique blend of entertainment and insightful discussions that cater to men. We look forward to our listeners’ response to the show.”

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