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Mirror Now unveils a new visual identity and content formats

Mirror Now has strengthened its prime-time band with a slew of changes including new content formats and anchors.

Urban India, bursting at the seams, has patiently borne the demands that the last 2 years of pandemic has placed on it. As we emerge to face a decade of opportunities, there are new challenges at the Global and National levels and yet another round of demands on the Urban Taxpayer from Governments at the Centre and State levels as they grapple with raising the living standard of our rural masses. And this is even as the Urban Indian waits patiently to get the better infrastructure and amenities that he deserves. Today’s Urban Indian is as good as its peers globally.

Mirror Now attempts to champion this critical area of Nation building. To speak for the urban taxpayer, in a society where the national discourse is most times dominated by Rural upliftment. To raise our voice so that the best and brightest Urban Indians get their due and are proud of their cities and want to live and retire here and not dream of alien lands. At Mirror Now, we are proud that we have successfully differentiated ourselves as a Viewer’s Choice News Platform and with our proposition of You First, have made a distinct impact in the last 5 years.

The channel’s reportage on issues such as women’s safety, civic apathy in Bangalore transformer blast, negligence of the authorities in Chennai school bus tragedy, dangers of child lock in radio taxis, frequent fuel price hikes, removal of GST from sanitary pads etc., has been crucial in impacting change for the betterment of people’s lives.

In its new avatar, Mirror Now offers viewers an augmented news viewing experience. Infused with vibrancy and freshness, the channel overhauls its on-air look with a relatable & upgraded color palette and modernized typography that goes with the dynamism of the content.

The channel introduces a new colour ‘teal’ to its visual design to reflect its young and contemporary approach, besides retaining the colours, black, white and red denoting importance, urgency and current news. The clean and efficient design presents an agile, positive and adaptable outlook to the channel with minimal distractions, enabling viewers to effortlessly focus their attention.

Strengthening the prime-time band, the channel presents a slew of best-in-class news anchors as ‘people champions’. Heena Gambhir, Tamanna Inamdar, Afrida Rahman Ali, Griha Atul and Archana Solanki infuse fresh energy and bring in outstanding journalistic credentials to represent issues of Urban Indians.

Focusing on the real essence of news, Mirror Now refreshes its content offerings with a line-up of 5 new primetime shows. From simple explanations of the day’s top stories to shorter yet more incisive news debates, the new programming line-up includes - Mirror Metro at 6 pm which offers a national perspective to top news from metro cities; The Big Focus at 7 pm which brings to focus the bigger picture by presenting a well-researched context and comprehensive perspective to top stories of the day; The Urban Debate at 8 pm, Mirror Now’s flagship show that demands accountability from powers that can drive improvement for citizens; The Nation Tonight at 9 pm, a one-hour show that declutters the daily news to present top stories of the day, with insights from experts and Beyond The Headline at 10 pm, presented in an explainer format showcases an in-depth analysis of the big stories of each day.

Nikunj Garg, Editor, Mirror Now said, Since inception, Mirror Now has defined the norms and re-written the rules for viewer-centric journalism by covering issues that eventually proved critical for materializing positive impact. With its new visual identity and content line-up, the channel challenges the status quo and pushes authorities & powers that be for ensuring a better life that every hard-working, tax-paying Urban Indian deserves. Going behind the news and bringing truth to the fore in an era where competing agenda-driven narratives are being peddled in the public domain, Mirror in the coming days will be the destination of the thinking Indian.”

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