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MMA India, GroupM and Amazon Ads launches ‘Winning the 2022 festive season with optimal media strategies’ playbook

The playbook is a complete guide with insights that will help marketers prepare for the upcoming festive season.

MMA India, along with WPP’s GroupM and Amazon Ads today launched Winning the 2022 Festive Season with Optimal Media Strategies playbook, a comprehensive guide for marketers preparing for the festive season.

To be more efficient and successful during the holiday season, marketers need to rethink their media strategies. This playbook provides insights to help marketers prepare for the holiday season.

Consumers are cautiously optimistic about festive shopping. The report suggests that 35% of consumers will increase their spend this Diwali, whereas 67% of consumers will research more before spending. Brands have a great opportunity as 60% of these shoppers remain undecided about their festive purchases.

Digital mediums are going to have a key role in the decision-making with 70% of consumers planning to research online, and 66% of consumer journeys will involve Amazon. The report shows that brands need to engage with the audience by using high–intent audience signals and should use a mix of various formats across the entire consumer journey. Marketers should leverage ‘efficiency’ metrics to enrich performance which will help them in understanding the true impact of their strategy.

Tushar Vyas, president – growth and transformation, GroupM South Asia said, “Consumers and their purchase patterns have become more complex today, and digital is playing a larger role throughout this journey. For brands, digital has evolved into an essential marketing touchpoint. To influence consumer behaviour, marketers need to create full funnel strategies across active and passive stages of the purchase cycle. Understanding digital consumers will become increasingly important for marketers – especially, in-market segments during festival seasons. We have created this playbook with MMA India and Amazon Ads to help brands understand consumer behaviour and craft communication and media strategies during festive season."

Vijay Iyer, director-Ad Sales, Amazon Ads India said, “Today, life without digital is hard to imagine, with every aspect of our life being encompassed in an ever-growing wave of options that fuel our needs, interests, aspirations, curiosity and much more. Digital Media is fuelling depth and width in the consumer journey like never before. For marketers, this presents the opportunity to be at the “right place at the right time” by enabling the identification and engagement of high-intent consumers across the most critical touchpoints. This playbook should help brands sharpen their festive media strategy and will redefine how they measure results in order to maximize business outcomes.”

Moneka Khurana, country head and board member, MMA India said, “MMA is proud to have co-authored the festive insights report in collaboration with GroupM and Amazon Ads to provide the much-needed insights and guidance for the upcoming festive season - the study clubbed with optimal media strategies to target intended audiences. The handbook is sure to help brands navigate the challenging times and drive optimal visibility and performance which unveils how big a role digital plays in terms of influence and percentage spending with 80% of consumer journeys will be digitally influenced whilst 60% of marketers allocating more spends for digital as compared to last year. These are interesting times wherein the consumer showcases non-linear complex purchase patterns hence would be key to observe how this festive season unfolds for businesses in this season.”

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