Omnicom collaborates with Google Cloud

The models will be integrated into Omnicom's open operating system, Omni, enabling agency and client teams.

Omnicom has entered into a collaboration with and Google Cloud, giving the company exclusive access to the Vertex AI platform. This contains the basis models PaLM 2 and Imagen, which may be used for a variety of use cases in the areas of automation, discoverability, summary of information, and creativity. The models will be included in Omnicom's open operating system, which will allow agency and client teams to build marketing campaign material more quickly.

Google Cloud's text-to-image model, Imagen, is one of the several fundamental models made available through the collaboration. With low latency and enterprise-level data governance, Imagen, which was released in May, enables organisations to produce and customise studio-quality pictures at scale from text input.

Among the several foundation models offered within the partnership is Google Cloud's text-to-image model, Imagen. Launched in May, Imagen allows organizations to generate and customize studio-grade images at scale from input text with low latency and enterprise-grade data governance.

Once integrated within Omni, Google Cloud Imagen will allow more than 17,000 trained and certified people to utilise Omni audience information and campaign process to generate customised images in minutes, define, activate, and analyse the effect.

"We're thrilled to have another first-mover advantage with Google Cloud's foundation models and to continue strengthening the use of Generative AI within Omnicom," said Jonathan Nelson, CEO of Omnicom Digital. "By designing Omni as an open operating system, we are able to quickly integrate these innovative models and deploy them to the thousands of Omnicom employees who use Omni." We're especially interested to see how Imagen can inspire our employees and enhance the concepts they develop for our clients."

"At Google Cloud, we are committed to bringing the power of our transformational foundation models to people with all levels of technical experience so that everyone has the opportunity to innovate in entirely new ways," said June Yang, Vice President of Cloud AI and Industry Solutions at Google Cloud. "Our partnership with Omnicom deepens this commitment by enabling marketers to create studio-grade images with mask-free editing for any business need, in a platform with which they are already familiar, with only a few typing prompts." "We can't wait to see what they come up with!"

This is the latest collaboration between Google and Omnicom, who have worked together for decades. This includes their early work as an alpha partner for clean room integrations with Ads.

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