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OnePlus brings Immersive 4DX Commercial in Cinemas

The ad will be released in PVR’s premium format of 4DX in its 19 Audis located across 12 cities.

Leveraging a unique media opportunity, OnePlus, the global technology brand, unveiled its latest flagship smartphone the OnePlus 10T 5G through a specially developed multi-sensory commercial using 4-dimensional effects that would be screened in all PVR 4DX cinemas. This is India’s first immersive 4DX Ad made in partnership with PVR Cinemas using all the effects of 4DX for a higher brand recall among consumers. This unique media activity was conceptualized and created in partnership with Khushi Advertising. The ad will be released in PVR’s premium format of 4DX in its 19 Audis located across 12 cities.

On the side-line of the launch of its first 4DX ad in cinema, Mr. Saurabh Kapoor, Director of Category & Brand Management, OnePlus India, said,

“At OnePlus, our community remains core to all our efforts. We wanted to offer our community with a unique, refreshing experience when they were to visit the cinemas. This led us to create the first of its kind 4DX cinema ad in India, in collaboration with our valuable partner, PVR Cinemas.

Featuring our newly launched flagship device OnePlus 10T, the industry-first OnePlus 4DX cinema ad offers an enticing sensorial experience. And we are confident that our community of users and cinephiles will truly enjoy this unique viewing experience as a result of our fruitful partnership with PVR Cinemas and Khushi Advertising".

Commenting on the announcement, Gautam Dutta, CEO, PVR said, “PVR as a leader believes in redefining experiences and setting new benchmarks for both cinema goers as well as our advertising partners. The 4DX ad commercial introduced for the first time by PVR is a testimony to this vision. Advertising has evolved over the year with clients exploring new ways to reach their audiences. 4DX will offer clients and their agencies limitless scope to portray a great story of the brand and make content customized to this technology to create a lasting impact on the consumer’s mind”.

Vishnu Telang, CEO, Khushi Advertising, commented, “We are always extremely motivated to plan and execute campaigns when our clients present us a challenge. This time the challenge was to deliver an unparalleled ad experience for cine-goers and with our client OnePlus and cinema partner PVR, we managed to do just that. Creativity and technology were amalgamated to create this unique 4DX ad experience for the cinemagoers.

We are extremely proud of our continued long-term association with OnePlus and happy to play our role as a value partner in their growth.”

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