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Persuasion in marketing: Workshop by Patrick Renvoise at Star FLOW fest

On the second day of TOI’s Star FLOW fest in Gurugram, Patrick Renvoise conducted a workshop on the topic ‘Persuasion in marketing’. The workshop aimed to enable the audience to get an understanding of ‘sales brain’s’ scientific persuasion model that helps companies capture, convince and close more customers.

What is called as ‘4-step Methodology’, the tactic utilizes the latest Neuroscience studies to increase marketing performance by targeting the decision-making part of the consumer’s brain.

Patrick also touched some interesting topics on how human brain tops any other brain on the planet, and due to its complexity, the research required to understand human behaviour is just as complex. The workshop then transitioned into a more interactive session where audiences asked questions from Patrick on marketing and how sales are affected by innate human behaviour.

Before co-founding Sales Brain, Patrick has years of experience in complex sales, and was in charge of Business Development first at Silicon Graphics and then at Linux Care. While marketing super-computers and multi-million dollar software solutions to some of the world’s most brilliant scientists at NASA, Shell, Boeing, Airbus, BMW, and more, he became fascinated by the human brain.

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