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Planet Marathi Group collaborates with Vistas Media to launch a hyperlocal OTT platform ‘Planet Bharat’

This new OTT will showcase local language content across a diverse range of formats, languages, dialects and genres.

Planet Marathi Group, join hands with Vistas Media to launch an innovative OTT platform called ‘Planet Bharat’. This new OTT will showcase local language content across a diverse range of formats, languages, dialects and genres. Befitting its name, Planet Bharat is being announced this Independence Day and will be launched in November, 2023.

Planet Bharat will address the need for hyperlocal content across multiple languages. Planet Bharat is a hybrid model of SVOD, TVOD, and AVOD, powered by proprietary technology. The super app, aims to produce, license and deliver meaningful content and promote content as the ‘hero’, setting it apart from other OTTs in the market. There exists a need to fill the gap in the industry, where certain types of content have been neglected or underserved, while costs remain unjustifiably high. By focusing on creating and licensing, a highly localized and relevant content, Planet Bharat will offer a refreshing, cost effective and value-driven entertainment experience for its viewers. Planet Bharat aims to bring forward exceptional multilingual content slates from various Indian languages, instilling a sense of pride in its viewers. The name Planet Bharat symbolizes the local and global character of our nation, highlighting the honor of being truly Indian in a globalized world.

The super app will also be a social entertainment platform with feature films, series, music, infotainment, non-fiction, social gaming, wallets and use various advanced technologies like AI powered personalization, voice commands, among other advanced tech features.

National award winner Akshay Bardapurkar, founder and CEO of Planet Marathi Group, expressed his thoughts on the launch, stating, "It is essential that we elevate the standards of creating and consuming Indian content. Our country is home to numerous languages, each possessing its own unique power and potential that remains largely untapped. There is a significant void in exceptional content from India across languages, and Planet Bharat aims to bridge that gap. With the launch of Planet Bharat, we strive to create a unified one stop destination, where audiences across the globe can enjoy and embrace the diverse cultural heritage that India has to offer."

Planet Marathi Group has already achieved great success with the world's first and only exclusive Marathi OTT platform, Planet Marathi OTT. They have delivered cutting-edge and exceptional content like "Raanbaazaar", the nationally acclaimed "June," and record-breaking successful movies like "Chandramukhi."

Planet Marathi OTT Platform-partner, Vistas Media has also produced high quality content across formats, languages and genres in India such as Bhonsle, JL-50, Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Aata Hai, Nakkash in Hindi, along with Writer and J-Baby in Tamil, and AB Aani CD in Marathi. Further the group has produced / co-produced films in Hollywood such as The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir, Son and The Featherweight (in co-production with Hollywood’s Appian Way Films).

With the introduction of Planet Bharat, the group aims to strengthen its position across key languages in India. By tirelessly working to enhance the output of truly Indian content, Planet Marathi Group has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to horizontal and vertical growth, establishing itself as an unstoppable force in the Indian entertainment landscape.

Abhayanand Singh, CEO of Vistas Media said, “Our country is made up of various languages, cultures and dialects and often, many of them get neglected for various reasons. Planet Bharat aims to bring the whole nation together, wherein we will celebrate the diversity of our culture with a significant representation across segments.”

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