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Revidd introduces AI FAST channel solutions for broadcasters in 14 countries

It aims to simplify launch times and technical expertise, promoting access to advanced broadcasting capabilities and reducing launch time.

Revidd, an AI-driven video streaming solution aimed at broadcasters, is proud to announce its significant milestones in its journey towards revolutionising the video streaming industry.

Backed by Inovnis and IIMA Ventures (formerly IIMA CIIE), Revidd has achieved profitability in just 1.7 years since its inception, making a swift rise in the competitive market.

Their latest innovation is a product line enabling broadcasters to launch their own Free Ad-supported Streaming Television (FAST) channels under five minutes.

This advancement solidifies Revidd’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and versatile streaming platform that integrates Video On Demand (VOD), live streaming, and linear FAST channels. With their presence in 14 countries, the company is reinforcing its position as a global player in the video streaming market.

Sampath Mallidi, CEO of Revidd, expressed his pride in the team’s dedication and hard work leading to this significant development. "Our team has poured their hearts into this innovation, bringing all facets of video streaming into one cohesive platform. We want to ensure that broadcasters have everything they need in place so they can focus on what truly matters – content and monetisation," said Mallidi.

Revidd’s interface and infrastructure allow broadcasters to create and manage content, engage audiences, and maximise revenue opportunities. The new FAST channel solution is designed to be intuitive, reducing the time and technical expertise required to launch a channel, thereby democratising access to advanced broadcasting capabilities.

Key highlights of Revidd’s offerings include:

AI-Powered Streaming: Enhanced viewing experiences with AI-driven recommendations and personalised content delivery.

VOD and Live Streaming: Comprehensive tools for managing and distributing on-demand and live content.

FAST Channels: Quick and easy setup for Free Ad-supported Streaming Television channels, providing new avenues for audience engagement and revenue generation.

Global Reach: Serving broadcasters in 14 countries, ensuring a broad and diverse user base.

Revidd’s achievements and innovations reflect its ongoing mission to support broadcasters in navigating the dynamic, and competitive video streaming landscape. As the industry continues to evolve, Revidd remains at the forefront, delivering solutions that empower broadcasters to thrive.

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