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Shashi Tharoor urges govt to regulate news organisation ownership: PTI

Tharoor emphasises the importance of responsible journalism and a free press in India.

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor has proposed several measures, including enacting laws to oversee the ownership of news organisations by political or business entities, as reported by PTI.

Tharoor emphasised the need for responsible journalism and a free press in India during his speech at the N Ramachandran Foundation award ceremony. He highlighted the absence of regulations concerning media ownership by private individuals in the country, distinguishing India from many other nations worldwide.

He said, "The government must introduce laws and regulations that limit control of multiple news organisations by a single business or political entity whereby encouraging a robust and independent press in the country." 

"Media in India largely has a 'cavalier attitude towards facts' and is reluctant to issue corrections", said Tharoor. Referring to his own experiences and legal actions against press allegations, he remarked, "Once character can be assassinated even before the judge schedules a hearing of the petition seeking to prevent such character assassination."

He emphasised the critical role of a free media in the nation's democracy, stressing the necessity for press reform. "The distinction between facts, opinions and speculation should not be allowed to blur into irrelevance", he underscored, calling for "enhanced journalism."

Focusing on India's global image, Tharoor added, "To be seen as a responsible global player and a 21st-century democracy, we must take ourselves seriously and act responsibly."

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