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Sudhakar Adapa acquires the rights to HELLO! Indo-Arabia and HELLO! Arabia magazines

He has become the first Indian national to enter this publishing arena, promising to highlight India's diverse cultural heritage on the world stage.

Sudhakar Adapa of Bia Brands, has made a historic move into media in partnership with the internationally renowned ¡HOLA! Group. Adapa is adding luxury lifestyle magazines HELLO! Indo-Arabia and HELLO Arabia! to his portfolio.

HELLO! will provide Bia Brands with a strategic advantage in the Middle East. As Indian luxury brands are going global and GCC is one of the key markets for them, HELLO! offers a huge platform to reach out to the Arabian audience.

Both magazines will be infused with a distinctive Indian flair, featuring an array of national celebrities alongside international names.

Talking about the partnership, Adapa said, "Taking the reins of HELLO! Indo-Arabia and HELLO! Arabia has been a proud moment for me. It is even more special considering the fact that I am the first Indian national to secure such rights. In today's ever-evolving business landscape, it's imperative for us to build strong, global brands. Media plays a pivotal role in this journey. HELLO! Indo-Arabia and HELLO! Arabia, both being globally renowned luxury and celebrity magazines, provide us with a unique leverage to access the vibrant GCC countries."

Eduardo Sánchez Pérez, chairman, ¡HOLA! Group added, "We're delighted that HELLO! INDO-ARABIA and HELLO! ARABIA joined the big ¡HOLA! and HELLO! family, and that readers from the Gulf region will join us to celebrate life's most beautiful moments with the inspiring exclusives, news and human interest stories they will find in these two magazines."

To maximise audience engagement, HELLO! Indo-Arabia will appear in English and HELLO! Arabia in Arabic, while each will have both print and digital editions. A series of exclusive events will further magnify the impact of the publications.

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