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Tata Play allows brands to split one ad slot for multiple audiences

Tata Play has teamed up with Invidi and TAM to start addressable ads for linear television.

Tata Play has announced to introduce addressable ads for linear television. Addressable TV advertising technology enables advertisers to selectively segment TV audiences and serve different ads to different households, even if they are watching the same content. In essence, digital-akin media planning can now be achieved on television through addressable ads. Brands can sharpen the targeting of their linear TV ads through filters of geographies and audience profiles. 

Addressable TV ads merge linear TV with digital capabilities. TV advertising is essential for top-of-funnel deliveries. With Tata Play’s addressable ads solution, advertisers can enjoy a better ROI with functionalities like targeting and buying impressions. Broadcast partners are now empowered with an opportunity to offer a more relevant, rewarding and effective inventory. 

Harit Nagpal, managing director & CEO, Tata Play, explained how the new development disrupts the linear TV advertising ecosystem. He said, “While Television delivers the highest advertising reach for brands, it doesn’t offer sharper targeting. With our targeted ad delivery, we can now split a TV spot into multiple beams with each beam carrying messages to distinctive audience cohorts, as required by the advertisers.”

This breakthrough marks a first for unconnected boxes, empowering advertisers to reach their targeted audience with complete measurability. The segmentation will be based on audience profiles and various geographical cuts, making television advertising more engaging and effective.

Tata Play has partnered with Invidi and TAM for the initiative. While Invidi is the ad-tech and campaign management partner of addressable ads, TAM will facilitate audience measurement and monitoring.

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