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The importance of giving back: Anoop Khanna, Dadi ki Rasoi

Anoop Khanna, founder, Dadi Ki Rasoi, delivered an inspirational speech at Star FLOW Fest 2020 on the topic 'The Importance of Giving Back'.

Sharing his views on how the entire philanthropic scene in India is halted by pessimism and lack of involvement, Anoop said, "We started as a team. And gradually, people started to depart and I was left alone in this pursuit. Persistence and courage are required to embark upon such paths."

Anoop also pointed out how people can sometimes become too complacent with free food and free money. "It is necessary to instil an idea of self-regulation and independence amongst people. Sometimes people get too cosy with free food and shelter. It is then necessary to encourage them to not get too complacent and work for themselves."

Given the lack of government led initiatives in philanthropy, Anoop opined, "If the administration is not committed to solving a social problem, you should take the initiative instead."

Anoop also shared his personal life story on how youth often approach him to assist him in the cause. But he vehemently declines and says, "you're young. So earn. There's a time for all of us when we need to stand up and give back to society."

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