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The Telegraph turns blue in tribute to the Indian team

The Sports page font colour for November 20, 2023, has been altered to blue by the newspaper to pay homage to the Indian cricket team.

Despite team India's continuous efforts throughout the tournament, fate took an unforeseen twist and victory slipped away in the final match. In a remarkable tribute, The Telegraph has released its sports page in blue colour to honour team India following the World Cup loss.

The red masthead and font color underwent a striking transformation to echo the team's resilience and outstanding performance throughout the season. This is the first time that the newspaper has implemented such a change. 

Considering the unexpected outcome, this move highlights India's journey in the World Cup tour. According to the brand, the team has been exceptional throughout the season, winning all ten matches leading to the semi-finals. Although they did not secure victory, they do deserve appraisal for the ‘Unputdownable’ spirit. 

The brand color of The Telegraph is also blue, coincidentally supporting the decision.

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