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The Tribune inks two-year exclusive partnership with Taboola

Using Taboola News, The Tribune will be able to feature their content across three languages.

Taboola, a global leader in powering recommendations for the open web, today announced an exclusive two years partnership with The Tribune.

Under the exclusive partnership, The Tribune will leverage Taboola Feed to provide its readers with a seamless flow of personalized content recommendations and videos to keep them engaged on the publication’s mobile and desktop websites. Using Taboola News, The Tribune will be able to feature their content across three languages (English, Hindi & Punjabi) at exclusive touchpoints on devices beyond the open web and drive website traffic at no additional cost.

Through mobile and desktop implementation of Taboola Newsroom, The Tribune will be able to maximize traffic, increase audience engagement, and monetization. The Tribune will also leverage Taboola Newsroom’s insights and A/B testing capabilities to empower its editorial team with applicative insights about content performance in real-time and generate quality content for their readers.

Shard Sharma, chief digital business, The Tribune said, “In the highly mobile and diverse reader’s market of today, it has become challenging for publications to generate loyal readership. It becomes imperative for us to enable right partnerships to drive readership engagement and revenue growth. We are pleased to announce Taboola as our trusted technology partner to drive value for our readers and create new avenues for growth with their advanced product offerings.”

Taboola’s technology product offering helps publications to drive engagements and consumers to discover content of their interest. Taboola Newsroom identifies topics and categories and provide publishers with insights to create user friendly content and improve engagement.

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