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The Value of Neuroscience by Nielsen: Dr. Elise Temple in Star FLOW fest

Elise Temple, vice president, Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience, conducted a workshop at TOI’s Star FLOW festival, in which she explained the value of Neuroscience and its implications in marketing.

Elise touched multiple topics in the workshop, from tricky illusions to complicated human behaviour. She showcased multiple videos to elaborate on the impact neuroscience has on marketing and sought participation from the audience. The workshop also featured some activities such as quizzes, guess-games et cetera.

Elise, through the workshop, also showed the multitude of metrics that are used to garner brain data. She then, expounded emotional motivation, memory activation, and attention processing as three prime metrics to evaluate engagement and action intent.

Speaking on the usage of emotional appeal in advertisements, Elise said, "I've seen so many cases where the emotional connect in the advertisement is complex. Simplicity drives emotion." She added, "If emotions are taken as mere sentiments, then the products would never appeal to consumers. So a reciprocal emotion can be collected through simplicity."

With a background in Psychology from the University of Oregon and PhD in Neurosciences from Stanford University, Elise Temple is currently part of Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience business in the United States.

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