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Turning pollution into art: Shreya Kapoor’s inspirational story

Shreya Kapoor spoke on behalf of Chakr Innovations in Star FLOW Fest 2020

Shreya Kapoor, head of marketing, Chakr Innovation gave her inspirational talk on the second day of TOI’s Star FLOW Fest 2020 in Gurugram. The theme of her speech was ‘Turning pollution into art.’ It delved into pollution management and how it can be manoeuvred into a more productive entity.

Highlighting the necessity of planting trees, and the ease of doing so, Shreya says, “We don’t need to do something extraordinary to curb air pollution, just plant trees.” Given the extravagant show of vehicle ownership in India, Shreya suggests that it is more rational to reduce the frequency of vehicles on roads. She says, “Just take a metro or carpool, and you will have taken a step forward to reduce environmental pollution.”

Shreya also touched upon topics like mentality shift amongst the citizens, technological innovation in the light of pollution et cetera. She says, “We all have to take initiative proactively if we are to be the change-makers.”

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