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TVF's Kota Factory in pole position at IMDb's list of top 10 series in India

Movie website IMDb which claims to have 200 million monthly visitors, today unveiled its list of Top 10 Indian Television and Web Series. It is a list as determined by IMDb customer ratings. IMDb ratings are determined by customers who rank films and TV shows on a 10 point scale. To rate a title, customers can click the “Rate This” star on any film or TV show title page on IMDb.

IMDb Top 10 Indian Web Series of 2019

1. Kota Factory (YouTube/TVF)

2. Sacred Games (Netflix)

3. The Family Man (Amazon Prime Video)

4. Delhi Crime (Netflix)

5. Humorously Yours (YouTube/TVF Play)

6. TVF Tripling (YouTube/TVF Play)

7. Made in Heaven (Amazon Prime Video)

8. Flames (MXPlayer)

9. Inside Edge (Amazon Prime Video)

10. Bard of Blood (Netflix)

“Entertainment fans in India are embracing streaming content more than ever, and for the first time, IMDb is thrilled to announce a year-end list celebrating the top customer-rated Indian television and web series,” said Col Needham, IMDb Founder and CEO in a media statement. “IMDb users have identified TVF’s Kota Factory as their favorite show of the 2019. Sacred Games (#2) and Inside Edge (#9) have also resonated with fans – both series are in their second season and have each been nominated for International Emmy Awards,” he added.

Created by The Viral Fever, (TVF) ‘Kota Factory’ is a show that depicts the life of IIT aspirants in the private coaching centres in Kota, Rajasthan. The series is available for free-stream on YouTube and TVF Play.

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