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Viacom18 completes merger of JioCinema and Voot OTT platforms : Reports

With the merger, 90% of Voot Select subscribers will move to JioCinema and the remaining 10% anticipated to follow soon.

As per a report published in The Hindu businessline, the integration of JioCinema and Voot, two of Viacom18's OTT businesses, is almost complete. As per the reports, 90% of Voot Select customers have switched over to JioCinema, and the technical backbone for both OTT platforms has been fully merged.

Although officials predict that the remaining 10% of users would switch to JioCinema "likely in the next couple of months," they have not yet done so.

JioCinema was merged into Viacom18 after Reliance Industries, Bodhi Tree Systems, and Paramount Global successfully concluded their plan to join in April 2023. Since then, JioCinema has evolved and become the front for all of Viacom's high-profile programming. The Indian Premier League is streamed by Viacom through JioCinema, and all of the top English-language programming from HBO and NBC Universal has been purchased through JioCinema.

As a result, Viacom18 made the decision to combine JioCinema with Voot.

Voot has been dissolved for all intents and purposes. One may find the JioCinema website by conducting a fast Google search for Voot. There is just the JioCinema app accessible, even on the App Store.

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