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Videos up to two minutes in duration are preferred: ShareChat report

Called ‘Understanding India’s Next Billion Internet Users’, the report aims to understand the native language (Bharat) social media users.

To understand the behaviour and profile of English (India) and native language (Bharat) social media users, ShareChat, an Indian social media platform with Nielsen India as its ‘Knowledge Partner’ released a report titled ‘Understanding India’s Next Billion Internet Users’.

Nielsen India has carried out primary research to understand the overall social media usage, consumption and online behaviour. The study was conducted with 3788 respondents across 81 cities in India, with 40 per cent of respondents coming from Tier 2 and 3 cities.

Turns out, 78 per cent of Bharat engages in social media activity like watch/upload/create content during their leisure time. 73 per cent of internet users sign into social networking platforms every day and they are most active between 7 pm and 11 pm. The study discovered that these users spend over 5 hours a week, signing in at least 3 times every day. Videos remain their most preferred format, and users spend up to 2 minutes on every video. 49% of users post content daily, images being the highest uploaded format closely followed by videos.

Satyajit Deb Roy, Director - Sales, ShareChat said, “The intention of this study was to nail down key parameters where user behaviour diverged between India and Bharat. Interestingly, the findings have indicated a paradigm shift in the online consumption behaviour among ‘Bharat’ audiences and highlighted how Bharat internet users have evolved into a mature internet audience, though they prefer to interact in their native language. Moreover, the report has also suggested that the Bharat users have a higher spending propensity, are comfortable shopping online, and are equally well-versed with investment.”

Some of the major findings were:

  • Music, comedy and news are the most followed content genres on social media

  • Messaging, banking and payment, delivery, and online shopping are the top 4 Digital Apps, used by every second social media user - Bharat users at par with India users

  • Videos are the most preferred format, with preference being for videos that are up to 2 minutes in duration

  • Bharat users invest more, spend more on travelling and expensive lifestyle goods

  • Reliance Jio emerged as the network of choice for Bharat

Here is the full report:

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