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Zee Business and WION set to host the Global Unicorn Summit 2024, showcasing India's startup prowess

The summit will feature industry leaders and innovators, facilitating international connections and discussions in Bengaluru.

Zee Media Corporation, in collaboration with Bluechip Encore, is excited to announce the upcoming Global Unicorn Summit 2024. Scheduled in Bengaluru, this event will bring together over 500 industry leaders from the startup world, including unicorn founders, CXOs, investors, and government officials. The summit, with Zee Business, India’s business news destination as the co-host and WION as the media partner, aims to deliver essential insights and discussions to a global audience, extending its reach and impact.

The Global Unicorn Summit aims to bridge the gap between seasoned unicorns and growth-stage start-ups, ensuring transformative success through connections and mentorship. This initiative addresses the observed changes in India's entrepreneurial landscape, emphasising deeper mentorship for sustainable growth, as stated by Jai Chechani, MD of Bluechip Encore & Avoke Foods and curator of the Global Unicorn Summit.

The agenda for the day is packed with a series of sessions, including keynote addresses, panel discussions spanning diverse sectors, customised one-on-one mentorship opportunities and interactive workshops tailored to inspire and educate.

The inaugural Global Unicorn Summit, headlined by an opening keynote from Kishore Jayaraman, president of Rolls-Royce India and South Asia, boasts a lineup of speakers from diverse backgrounds and expertise. Industry leaders such as Mukesh Bansal of CureFit, Neil Patel of NP Digital, a digital marketing expert who has helped many brands achieve success, and Steve Hoffman of Founders Space are set to share their insights.

Joining them are voices including Rajesh Yabaji from Blackbuck, Nitin Agarwal from GlobalBees, and Pratik Gauri from, ensuring a multifaceted and enriching discourse. Attendees can also expect to glean insights from Amit Agarwal of No-Broker, Rahul Kothari of Razorpay, and Pawan Kumar of Mensa Brands, while further depth will be added by Ashish Singhal from CoinSwitch, Saurabh Saxena from PowerClub, Ramakant Sharma from Livspace, and others from firms like Salesforce, Shiprocket, and Microsoft India. The inclusion of Anjalli Kumar, chief sustainability officer at Zomato, Madhurima Agarwal, managing director - Microsoft for Startups (India) among these voices reflects a commitment to gender diversity and a holistic representation of perspectives at this event.

The upcoming Global Unicorn Summit will feature parallel sessions diving into critical themes. Discussions will cover topics such as Disrupting Marketplaces & D2C, the Fintech Revolution, the Last Mile Challenge, and the Transformative Potential of Web3, Blockchain, and Crypto Innovations.

Simultaneously, there will be sessions focusing on AI and the Rise of Unicorn Founders, as well as Sustainable Food Systems, delving into essential facets of ethical AI applications and sustainability in food production.

Augmenting the summit's depth, a series of workshops awaits, crafted to equip participants with practical skills and advanced knowledge. Led by industry leaders, delve into Mastering the Digital Landscape with Neil Patel, Angel Investing, the Art of Storytelling, Crafting and Delivering an Effective Pitch to VCs, and How to Exit a Startup. These sessions promise invaluable insights, bolstering attendees' capacity to lead and innovate with confidence in today's digital age.

Anil Singhvi, managing editor, Zee Business, highlighted, "The Global Unicorn Summit represents a milestone moment for the entrepreneurial community, and at Zee Business, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled coverage from an editorial perspective. As managing editor, I am committed to delving into the nuances of this summit, highlighting the trends, challenges, and opportunities that will shape the future of startups. Through our insightful analysis and comprehensive reporting, we aim to empower entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to navigate the competitive landscape and achieve success."

Pankaj Rai, business head of Zee Business and WION, also emphasised the significance of this partnership, “As we join this transformative summit, we at Zee Business and WION transcend our role as media observers to become pivotal participants in the discourse on entrepreneurship. We are committed to shaping and propelling the conversations that are crucial to sculpting a vibrant and innovative business landscape worldwide.”

The Global Unicorn Summit was born from the recognition of a shifting dynamic in India's entrepreneurial scene. Jai Chechani, MD of Bluechip Encore & Avoke Foods, and curator of the Global Unicorn Summit, said, "At the Global Unicorn Summit, our aim is to foster an environment where seasoned unicorns and emerging startups can come together to cultivate meaningful connections, foster collaboration, and ignite disruptive innovation, all towards achieving transformative success."

To register and to know the event agenda, visit Tune in to Zee Business and WION for the latest updates.

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