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Zee Business' new app to priortise user preferences and video visibility

The app aims to offer better-curated news for users to make well-informed decisions.

Zee Business' new news app aims to make the app friendlier and more intuitive for users. The app would cover both financial news and market analysis.

The main goal is to improve the visibility of videos, reduce information overload and prioritise user preferences to offer a better experience. Optimising performance and enhancing social sharing are two strategies that aim to provide an exceptional user experience.

Akshansh Yadav, chief product & technology officer, IDPL, states, "Every feature, from the sleek layout to enhanced video visibility, reflects our commitment to providing users with a cutting-edge tool for navigating the dynamic landscape of financial news, making insights not just accessible but truly insightful."

Madhu Soman, chief business officer, Zee Business, adds, "Our emphasis has always been on offering more than just data; it's about providing actionable intelligence.”

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