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Zee News unveils its new look

This transition will allow the channel to present visually appealing news in a clutter-free manner.

In today’s age of clutter and information overload, Zee News, the first private news channel of India, has always been the catalyst for change. Taking this thought forward, Zee News has established a distinctive identity by redesigning the look and feel of its channel packaging, adding a vibrant colour pallet, creating clear visuals, and breathing space for better viewer experience.

The new design was carefully curated from the findings of a detailed market research, which provided insights into audience preference. This helped arrive at an AFFECTLAB SCORE which was imperative in the channel's re-design. Metrics such as visual appeal earned attention from viewers, comprehension, discovery time, negative/positive emotions, etc were measured for its Broadcasting space.

The fresh look & feel, along with modernized approach bring to light the consistent efforts of the brand to redefine the credibility of the news being reported. The latest design update is in line with a more futuristic approach to connect deeply with ZEE News viewers and attract new audiences through a better news viewing experience.

Emphasizing the brand philosophy and modern approach, Abhay Ojha, chief business officer, Zee Media Corporation, said “India has evolved and so have we. As the nation’s oldest and one of the leading news enterprises, Zee News has played a huge role in shaping the minds and hearts of our viewers and our country. In the cluttered News Broadcasting space, Zee News has been constantly enabling a modern brand metaphor that comprises of an inclusive and progressive approach. We, at Zee News, continue to be the forerunner in ensuring impactful content consumption, taking into consideration the attention span of viewers spread across the country.”

"When it comes to marketing and building strong brand equity, the brand identity of the Zee news network is of paramount importance. We have refreshed our brand identity to keep our audience engaged through a visually appealing new look and strategized communication to ensure a consistent Top of the Mind recall for our channel, with a higher preference ratio.” added Anindya Khare, marketing head at Zee Media Corporation.

The channel has been successful in presenting comprehensive and impartial news coverage on current affairs, social, and political issues, etc.

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