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Zomato offers creative Zoom virtual backgrounds to spice up video calls

Delivery giant Zomato comes out with a digital campaign providing virtual background on Zoom, in a bid to make video conferences a little more interesting.

During this pandemic crisis, marketing is an aspect that troubles brands the most. With the major modes of marketing being nullified, brands now need to think of better ways to advertise themselves. Considering how delicate the situation is, there is a lot of thought that is being put in by big brands from an advertising point of view.

Zomato offers creative Zoom virtual backgrounds to spice up video calls

Zomato has been capable of bringing out effective ways to handle this marketing concern. Taking into consideration how the whole world is sitting in the comforts of their homes and working, Zomato has effectively understood the most ideal medium of marketing. When working from home, one of the first components that come into our mind is Video Calls. Most of the work that is running smoothly today would have been impossible if we didn't have the option of VC.

Looking into this crucial aspect of WFH, Zomato has associated with video communication app Zoom in a creative way. Zomato recently rolled out a digital campaign, where they have been providing Zoom users with wallpapers that have quirky food quotes written on them.

Zomato on the website states that, “At Zomato, our inspiration comes from food. So we decided to make food an integral part of our work-from-home lives too. Take your Zoom meetings to the next level with these amazing backgrounds.” Further, they display a wide range of wallpapers that we can use during our Zoom meetings.

This has turned out to be an effiective way a brand can advertise without having the need for users to access their app. While video meetings are an unavoidable part of this quarantine, Zomato’s digital campaign seems to have hit the right spot.

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