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Adidas drops a tennis court on The Great Barrier Reef on the sidelines of the Australian Open

Aims to highlight the pandemic of plastic pollution in our oceans and its new apparel range made from upcycled marine plastic waste.

It is not every day you spot a tennis court floating over the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia. That day was a few days ago and still is courtesy sporting and lifestyle giant Adidas.

Adidas worked with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) to transform the top surface of a working barge into a tennis court surface.

This initiative aimed to not only shine a light on the pandemic of plastic waste in our oceans but to highlight the actions Adidas has taken to tackle this menace: A Tennis apparel range made with Parley Ocean Plastic.

As per Adidas’ website:

Parley Ocean Plastic is created from upcycled marine plastic waste that is intercepted on remote islands and beaches and in coastal communities. We use it as a replacement for virgin plastic in all Adidas x Parley high-performance sportswear. After plastic trash is collected from coastlines, it's baled and sent to Parley supply chain partners. There it's shredded and reworked to become high-performance polyester yarn: Parley Ocean Plastic, which is then used to create Adidas x Parley sportswear that's as good for the planet as it is for your workout.

This apparel range made its debut at the ongoing Australian Open.

To promote this unique tennis court, the sporting giant roped in Aussie sporting icons like swimmer Ian Thorpe and canoeist Jessica Fox, rugby player Nathan Cleary, and fitness influencer Stephanie Miller.

The Adidas tennis court surface will be fully recycled into a sports court, donated to a local Townsville school, paving the way for school kids to unite through sport.

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