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Adidas loses trademark infringement suit against Thom Browne over stripes on clothes

The case filed in 2021 saw a Manhattan jury return with a verdict in less than three hours.

Adidas saw its trademark infringement suit against luxury designer Thom Browne over stripes bested in less than three hours by a Manhattan jury.  

The German sports giant, in 2021, had filed the suit claiming the luxury designer’s use of stripes on its athletic clothing infringed on Adidas’ three-stripe trademark and would confuse consumers.

Thom Browne argued it was not the case and that the two brands are not direct rivals and the number of stripes was different too.

The four stripes on Thom Browne clothing.
The four stripes on Thom Browne clothing.

“It was important to fight and tell my story,” Browne told The Associated Press and that he hopes the preservation of his striped designs on luxury athletic clothing and accessories inspires others whose work is challenged by larger clothing producers.

Adidas, as per Reuters, had planned to ask the jury for over $7.8 million in damages, plus additional punitive damages and a cut of Thom Browne's infringing sales,

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