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Adidas to replace Killer Jeans as a new kit sponsor for Team India: Report

Adidas will be taking over from Killer Jeans, from this June onwards.

As per media reports, Adidas will be replacing Killer Jeans as a new kit sponsor for Team India. The new sponsorship will take place from June 2023. The report states that the global sports brand will sign a long-term five-year deal with BCCI. 

“The fine print of the contract is being worked out. But the valuation is set to go up,” the report highlighted.

With this deal , now the brand logo will be visible on the jersey of the players.

Last month, Team India on-boarded Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited, the parent company of Killer jeans as a new kit sponsor by replacing Mobile Premier League (MBL).

With this deal, BCCI lookout for a reputed kit sponsor will come to an end after Nike decided to end their 14-year association with Indian cricket in 2020.

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