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After Asian Paints, JSW forays into hand sanitiser segment...

JSW will leverage its Group's retail and distribution network across Paints, Steel & Cement businesses to supply the new 'Securall' hand sanitiser.

Rising incidences of chronic & infectious diseases are driving the demand for hand sanitisers in India. According to WHO, infectious diseases have emerged among Top 10 causes of deaths globally. JSW Paints, a part of JSW Group, is getting ready to launch its hand sanitiser in the domestic market. This is part of the company’s commitment to offer thoughtful interventions related to safety and hygiene for its consumers. JSW Paints has received all statutory approvals, permissions and license to manufacture and market the product across markets. It is expected to roll-out its hand sanitiser brand Securall in May 2020.

The process of painting a home involves substantial movement of material & manpower which increases the potential risk of infections. As a family-friendly brand, JSW Paints has been trying to focus on finding ways & means to reduce these risks and will be offering its Securall brand of hand sanitizer to promote hygiene and safe practises. The JSW Foundation will also provide free supplies of Securall hand sanitizer to underprivileged communities ensuring safe hygiene practices across all strata of society.

After Asian Paints, JSW forays into hand sanitiser segment...

Commenting on the Company’s plans to launch Securall hand sanitizer in India, Parth Jindal, Managing Director of JSW Paints said, “We are proud to launch Securall hand sanitizer in India. JSW is committed to support consumers and the Government of India in their fight against Covid-19 pandemic. As part of our endeavour to promote hygiene and safe health practices in the country, we will leverage our Group businesses’ retail distribution & community network to offer consumers access to a world-class product.”

JSW Paints is the also offers anti-bacterial paints for all surfaces at home – Walls, Wood & Metal. The Halo Safe Home range for surface hygiene consists of Halo Majestic Interiors for Walls and Halo Aquaglo Gloss & Satin finishes for Wood & Metal. With the launch of Securall hand sanitizer, JSW Paints is extending this offering to personal hygiene and care.

JSW Paints is manufacturing the Securall brand at its state-of-the-art facility at Vasind in Maharashtra. It will be, initially, launched across South and West markets in 500 ML pack size. In order to support the Securall roll-out, JSW Group will leverage its retail distribution network across paints, steel and cement businesses to market this hand sanitiser to Indian consumers. As part of the Group’s corporate social responsibility and its commitment to promote community health and hygiene, JSW Foundation will provide free supply of Securall hand sanitizer to underprivileged communities there-by ensuring that all strata of society has equitable access to this world-class product.

According to Vinay Shroff, Executive VP – Marketing & Sales at JSW Steel, “Personal hygiene has become a critical area of focus for everyone, especially in the current scenario of growing risks of infectious diseases. JSW Steel is concerned about the well-being of its employees, business partners, customers and their families. As part of our commitment to ensure safe health & hygiene practises, we are extending our support in promoting Securall hand sanitiser at our Steel retail counters. This will ensure easy access of this world-class product to all our customers & business associates.”

Supporting the Securall hand sanitizer launch, Nilesh Narwekar, CEO of JSW Cement adds, “We will extend support by offering Securall hand sanitiser brand from our Cement retail counters. This will ensure that our sanitizer product is easily accessible to all consumer groups.”

The hand hygiene products are mainly classified into two categories; liquid hand wash and hand sanitizer. While liquid hand wash is soap-based and largely used to clean hands with water, hand sanitizer is an alcohol-based products and largely preferred by those who are unable to wash their hands frequently. The CoVid-19 outbreak has boosted demand for hand sanitisers across consumer groups. JSW Paints expects its Securall hand sanitiser brand to play a significant role in creating awareness about the need for better personal hygiene in India.

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