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Almond Branding named as the Strategic Design & Branding partner for Milma in Kerala

The new packaging was unveiled by Sri. Pinarayi Vijayan, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala in a special ceremony – ‘Repositioning MILMA 2023.

Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (KCMMF), commonly known as Milma, has partnered with Almond Branding, a leading design agency, to revamp its branding and packaging. The new branding and packaging were unveiled by the Chief Minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan, at a special ceremony. 

After extensive market research in 2022, Milma discovered that although it was highly regarded for its quality, it lacked vibrancy and relevance, which led to a decline in consumer confidence. Additionally, the inconsistency in branding and packaging across the state caused confusion among consumer, affecting the brand's image.

To address these issues, Milma collaborated with Almond Branding to create a cohesive brand identity that appeals to the youth while retaining Milma's traditional values. One taste, One quality was the new mission and hence One brand imagery across the state was also the need of the hour.

The Almond Branding team began by revamping the Milma logo, retaining the core elements but chose a more vibrant colour palette that would make the brand more visible and appealing. 

The team also revamped the packaging design for Milma's top three selling products, Milk, Ghee, and Curd, which contribute to 97% of Milma's revenue. Almond Branding's team of packaging design experts worked diligently to create packaging design solutions that were a perfect balance of creativity and practicality, which helped Milma stand out on the shelves and create a strong brand recall.

Almond Branding proposed a strict Visual Architecture that would tie the entire family together, drawing inspiration from the holy cow, which is central to the philosophy of Milma. The visual hook was a benevolent-looking holy cow looking back at the consumer, embodying the brand's essence of care and concern for loved ones and deep respect for values.

The overall design was kept clean and minimalistic, depicting the freshness and purity aspect, which is crucial to the category. The Malayalam tagline, which loosely translates to "Goodness that Kerala wakes up to" was incorporated on all the new packaging to create a constant element of trust and recall. 

The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala, Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan, said, ““There will hardly be any Malayali who does not consume one or the other product of Milma in daily life. Milma enjoys immense credibility. Based on this firm trust, you should strive to present Milma’s products to meet the demands of our time.” 

Shashwat Das, founder Almond Branding, said, “We are thrilled to be chosen as the strategic design partner for Milma. It was a unique challenge to make a 42-year-old brand appear 24 years old. Our team understood the importance of creating a cohesive brand identity that would appeal to the youth while retaining Milma's traditional values. The new Visual Identity crafted by Almond Branding has bolstered Milma's imagery, and positioned it to surge ahead with confidence to face new market entrants while also winning back the hearts of the people of Kerala”

Milma Chairman Shri K S Mani, said, “I congratulate Milma and Almond Branding for the successful revamp of the Milma brand. The new branding and packaging look fantastic, and I am confident that it will appeal to customers across Kerala. Milma has been a trusted brand for quality for several decades, and this new brand image will help Milma attract a younger audience.”

Milma Managing Director Shri Asif K Yusuf said, “We are excited to unveil the new branding and packaging designed by Almond Branding. The new packaging looks premium, upmarket, and appeals to the young and old alike. The new branding will help Milma create a cohesive brand identity, make the brand more visible, and differentiate it from its competitors. We believe that the new brand image will appeal to the youth, who are the future growth drivers of the dairy industry, and provide them with a fresh and modern brand image that they could connect with.”

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