Aishwarya Ramesh

Amazon Alexa celebrates four years in India

The company claims that the number of requests to Alexa in 2021, increased by 68 per cent, as compared to 2020.

It is the fourth anniversary of Amazon Alexa in India. Over the last four years, millions of Indians have used the Alexa voice service in English, Hindi and Hinglish on Echo range of devices, Fire TV, Amazon shopping app for Android, and Alexa built-in devices by other brands.

With almost 50 per cent customers from non-metro cities, the number of requests to Alexa in 2021, increased by 68 per cent, as compared to 2020.

In 2021, Alexa entertained customers by playing more than 21 lakh songs every day, with genres such as kids, devotional and regional languages being extremely prominent in the top 20 songs.

From sports, movie dialogues and word definitions to tough math problems, weather and the latest stock market updates, customers quizzed Alexa with over a lakh questions every day.

In March-April 2021, customers asked 11,500 questions every day about COVID, health and wellness related topics. Customers also loved starting and concluding their days with Alexa. They wished “Alexa, good morning” and “Alexa, good night” 11,520 times every day.

As #AlexaTurns4 in India, Amazon celebrated its anniversary by showcasing a video story that depicts how it is a perfect companion. From a chef, an encyclopedia, to a quiz host, Alexa has something for every family member.

In September 2021, Amazon also announced that Alexa would make the voice of Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan available to its listeners. To drive the point home, Bachchan starred in an ad, where he is seated on a table in the middle of a busy household. We see all the family members interacting with him so that the users get an idea of the kind of features they will have access to, with Bachchan's voice.

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