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Anushka Sharma launches new millet-based health food brand Millé

Wholsum Foods launched its second brand Millé after the Slurrp Farm which is backed by the actresses.

Slurrp Farm, health food startup Wholsum Foods recently launched its second brand Millé offering high plant protein, fibre-rich, millet-based health foods to customers of all ages. Combining the goodness of millets, lentils, and legumes, Millé is the perfect choice for health and fitness-conscious customers looking to enhance their meals with quality plant protein. With the increasing focus on wellness post-COVID-19, Millé’s range of delicious, nutritious products offers customers healthy food options with high plant protein and fibre, all-natural ingredients, and very low sugar. Its range of daily foods and snacks currently includes breakfast cereals, pancakes, cake mixes, and gluten-free grain alternatives to rice and wheat.

Earlier today, Wholsum Foods brand ambassador and Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma, who invested in the company in 2022 having been a customer of Slurrp Farm, took to Instagram to share glimpses of a typical day in her busy life. Known as an advocate of healthy living and sustainable eating, she shared how adding Millé to every meal is helping her stay active and light through the day, fight cravings, and enjoy healthy indulgences.

Launched in 2023 - the UN declared ‘International Year of Millets’, Millé is an innovative supergrain company actively promoting the consumption of the nutrient-rich, climate-smart grain which uses very little water and no fertilisers or pesticides. Working closely with a diverse group of stakeholders including leading Indian and international chefs as well as nutritionists and farmers, Millé is playing an important role in the movement to bring millets - known as the ‘mother of all grains’- back to contemporary food culture.

 “Wholsum Foods has consistently brought us delicious millet-based foods over the last 7 years and the company has built a lot of trust. Millé offers the perfect combination of high plant protein and fibre that helps you eat right and live an active, healthy, fulfilled life at any age. We’re are happy to be a part of the millet movement which is bringing this ancient climate-friendly supergrain back to the mainstream”, Anushka Sharma, Wholsum Foods Investor, and Bollywood Actor.

“Millé is a supergrain food company that brings the health-conscious consumer fabulous, sustainable food, which is backed by science, rooted in traditional knowledge and easy to prepare. Millé offers our customers healthy food options with increased plant protein which comes from the unique combination of millets with lentils and legumes. With rising diabesity, cardiovascular diseases and an unhealthy eating culture, Millé helps people make a positive change towards a holistically healthier, happier way to eat using ancient supergrains that are inherently good for you and good for the planet”, Shauravi Malik and Meghana Narayan, co-founders, Wholsum Foods.

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