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Astroyogi is the official astrology partner of 'Mr and Mrs Mahi' movie

The movie highlights themes of strong marital partnership and the pursuit of dreams, both of which can be achieved through Astroyogi's astrotech solutions.

Astroyogi, an online astrology platform, has become the official astrology partner for Mr and Mrs Mahi movie starring Bollywood actors Janhvi Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao. The film celebrates the themes of pursuing one's dreams and the importance of a strong life partnership - ideas that resonate deeply with Astroyogi's philosophy.

The movie’s trailer portrays the actors as a newly-married couple who not only share the same birthdays and birth charts but also share a mutual love for cricket. While Rajkummar Rao’s character is portrayed as an aspiring cricketer striving to establish himself in the sport, Janhvi Kapoor plays the role of a doctor who finds joy in both watching and playing the sport.

Slated for release on May 31, Mr and Mrs Mahi depicts the trials and tribulations that adorn the path of an otherwise astrologically-compatible couple. The film is set to showcase the challenges that married individuals undergo and overcome, despites serving as a perfect match for each other.

Astroyogi also recently shared a promotional video on Instagram featuring Rajkummar Rao and Janhvi Kapoor. The video highlights the actors discussing the movie's compelling astrological themes, drawing attention to Astroyogi’s astrological services as well as building excitement before the movie’s release.

Speaking on the occasion, Aditya Kapoor, COO of Astroyogi, said, "We are happy to be the official partner of 'Mr and Mrs Mahi' - a film that beautifully conveys the importance of following your passion and marrying the partner of your dreams. This collaboration underscores the synergy between the film’s message and Astroyogi TG’s aspirations. We are confident that this collaboration will prove immensely fruitful for both Astroyogi and the movie’s audience.”

This partnership is being actively promoted across multiple platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Display for an active duration of two months.

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