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Bagrrys India launches Organic Honey

A pack of Bagrry’s Organic Wild Honey (500g) will be available in a glass jar and priced at MRP 599.

Bagrrys India, a leading breakfast cereals & health food brand in India that make products such as oats, mueslis, corn flakes, muesli bars, nut butters, bran etc. has announced the launch of Bagrry’s Organic Wild Honey. By foraying into the premium honey and preserves category, the brand aims to enhance the overall experience of consuming 100% natural organic honey by providing a wholesome and nutritious solution. Thereby improving the health and well-being of its consumers. With this launch, the brand extends its product portfolio into new categories.

Bagrry’s Organic Wild Honey (500g), is available in a glass jar and priced at MRP 599. This product is Certified organic honey which real, raw & honest. Bagrry’s Organic Wild Honey is 100% pure with nothing else added, free from any adulteration, 0% added sugar or added preservatives. It is full of flavours, with healthy pollens & enzymes as bees intended it. The taste of each spoonful is bright, yet delicately nuanced with multifloral sources. The product is available on leading e-commerce, Q-commerce (Blinkit & Zepto) & on brand’s official website

The factors that differentiate the product from others are, the brands Ethical & Hygienic Harvesting practices. Bagrry’s Organic Wild Honey is harvested through an ethical & sustainable process without harming bees or nature, in compliance with Good Beekeeping Practices (GBP).

The product is sourced directly from organic farms which are free from harmful chemicals / pesticides and the product is backed up by proper Organic certification from renowned regulatory bodies.

Bagrry’s Organic Wild Honey has diverse range of nutrients, as bees collect nectar from varied flower sources giving it unique taste & flavour. The product contains traces of natural pollen grains which have nutritional enzymes due to its multifloral origin that helps in digestion & strengthens the immune system. The product is un-processed / unfiltered and un-pasteurized there by retaining its natural probiotic properties, rich taste, nutritional properties and giving it a natural dark colour.

Over the years, Bagrry’s products have helped consumers live a fit and healthy lifestyle, as they believe “Nutritious & high-quality food is a right, not a privilege. With nourishment in every bite, Bagrry’s products are often recommended by leading nutritionists, discerning mothers and our loyal consumers. Bagrry’s Organic Wild Honey is 100% Authentic Organic Wild Honey which is certified after thorough testing by Government approved labs.

Speaking about the new launch, Aditya Bagri, director, Bagrry’s Group says, “Bagrry’s always endeavours to offer its consumers with the best and most inventive solutions for their wellbeing and nutritional requisites. We witness an ample opportunity to enhance the Bagrry’s brand with this extension and provide a differentiated consumer experience."

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