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Bandhan Bank unveils its sonic identity, 'Call of Bandhan'

This sonic identity, 'Call of Bandhan', has been composed by Amit Trivedi.

Bandhan Bank announced the launch of sonic identity on the occasion of the Bank's eighth-anniversary celebration. This sonic identity, 'Call of Bandhan', has been composed by renowned nationally acclaimed sound designer and renowned music composer, Amit Trivedi.

This musical piece is more than just a tune; it is a melody representative of what Bandhan Bank stands for - empowerment, freedom, inclusivity and warmth. In a world where multiple media with various sensory cues help build recall, Bandhan Bank has added a sonic identity to its brand assets to remind audiences of the brand. 

Sharing his thoughts, Amit Trivedi said, "It's a matter of great privilege and honour for me to compose the ‘Call of Bandhan’ which will be a part of Bandhan Bank's identity. I found Bandhan Bank's story very inspiring. With such humble beginnings, today they are among the fastest growing in the country and this transformation is what I have tried to capture through the musical piece. I would urge everyone who likes my music and or appreciates music in general, to listen to it, share it, and live with it… because, well, this really is the Call of Bandhan!"

Apurva Sircar, head – marketing, Bandhan Bank, said, "Music has the power to evoke emotions without words. We live in a world where there is an overload of content and brands need to appeal to the audiences quickly by engaging several senses. The ‘Call of Bandhan’ has been composed keeping this objective in mind. We are deep-rooted in India and Indian culture, yet are a modern bank for all. Amit is a magician and he has captured this attribute of the brand very well. I am confident that the ‘Call of Bandhan’ will resonate with audiences and help us create a stronger recall.”

Commenting on the association, Pravin Sutar, creative head, Leo Burnett Orchard, Bandhan Bank’s creative partner, said, "It is not every day that one gets to work on an assignment as important and exciting as this one. The key task was identifying what the ‘Call of Bandhan’ needed to capture. For us, it's not just a tune, it's a symphony of empowerment, inclusivity and warmth, the very emotions that Bandhan Bank embodies. I am happy that we worked with an artist like Amit Trivedi who knows the pulse of the Indian music lover."

To hear the Sonic Identity, please scan the QR code below -

Bandhan Bank unveils its sonic identity, 'Call of Bandhan'
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