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Brands advertised on open internet are perceived to be more premium: Trade Desk x Kantar report

As per the report published by Trade Desk and Kantar, almost 600 million users in India have now access to the open internet.

The global advertising technology firm The Trade Desk and Kantar have published their report titled, ‘Gateway to the Open Internet,’ which reveals that almost 600 million users in India are now accessing the open internet.

Here are the key findings of the report:

1. Digital ad spend on walled gardens far exceeds consumers’ time spent on the internet - Indians spend half of their time on the open internet, even though ad spend is 5.5 times higher on walled gardens.  

2.  Consumers perceive brands that advertise on the open internet to be more premium - As such, they are 33% more likely to agree that ads on OTT/CTV are more premium, than those on YouTube.

3. Brands experience better ad recall on the open internet - Consumers are 19% more likely to find ads on news, websites, and blogs less intrusive than social media.   

4. The research further highlights a clear preference for Hindi and local language content, which is fueling the adoption of the open internet. These outperform western content, with Hindi content (77 percent) dominating amongst OTT/CTV viewers, followed by local languages (52 percent) and western content (50 percent).

5. The open internet channels are leading the growth of digital media usage - Percentage of consumers who expect to increase their media use significantly in the next 6 months, by channel.

The report also shows how live game streaming and online games consumption are increasing in our country.

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