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BSH Home appliances unveils Siemens' rebranding

BSH Home Appliances has announced the rebranding of Siemens Home Appliances indicating an era of innovation and advancement in the home appliances segment.

Its commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability aligns with the discerning preferences of Indian consumers who seek technologically advanced and visually appealing home appliances.

BSH aims to leverage by using Siemens' position and design to enhance its presence in the home appliances industry, focusing on energy efficiency, AI integration, and superior performance. The move aims to align with the growing affluence and global product exposure in India.

Siemens appliances has reshaped itself and is focusing on consumer centricity and empowering progress seekers. The brand aims to make technology approachable and joyful, revolutionising homes with distinctive, modern designs.

Saif Khan, managing director & CEO, BSH Home Appliances India said "With the new brand identity, Siemens Home Appliances aims to create holistic premium experiences for our customers powered by meaningful innovations and smart technologies that go beyond appliances and transform homes."

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