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Buckaroo partners with local cobblers to craft customised footwear for people with clubfoot

It has partnered with McCann Worldgroup India to launch a pilot project in India, starting with Mumbai.

Buckaroo, an Indian shoe brand has partnered with McCann Worldgroup India, to launch a pilot project providing affordable and fully customised footwear for those most in need.

With India's annual birth rate resulting in an estimated 27,000 infants born with clubfoot each year (based on a 1 per 1000 live births incidence) presents a significant challenge since surgical intervention is often elusive for those affected. Compounding this issue is the lack of footwear options tailored to their needs, as customising solutions for each individual proves expensive due to the unique shape of every foot.

McCann Worldgroup India and Buckaroo identified an opportunity to work with India’s famed local cobblers, known as ‘mochis', found on almost every street corner, an extremely skillful network just waiting to be harnessed and empowered. The cobblers have a long tradition of creating custom-made footwear using locally available materials.

Presenting Fit My Feet, a unique solution for unique feet. A footwear toolkit that combines raw materials and existing cobbler’s tools to create custom and inexpensive slippers.

Fit My Feet leverages the cobbler’s expertise and provided kits and training to enable them to create specialised footwear for people with clubfoot. The extensive street presence of these cobblers makes them the ideal source of reaching those that need these custom slippers. Also, by providing wall art branding to each cobbler, the campaign helps them advertise their services without the need for any additional resources.

Buckaroo partners with local cobblers to craft customised footwear for people with clubfoot

The pilot’s rollout started in February with cobbler networks in Mumbai and has since spread to its surrounding areas with 150 kits already distributed. Importantly, since the problem isn’t restricted to India, neither will the solution be. Buckaroo is creating a microsite to cloud-source the design to the world. So that mobility, stability, and dignity can be available to all.

Kinjal Savla, CEO of Buckaroo said, “We as a people, and not just a brand, have a responsibility to do what we can to give back. Especially to people who don’t have the means to get the help and attention they need. What we do as a brand must come from a place of genuineness since it is authentic community outreach that can help us impact lives for the better in the short and long term. The challenge Buckaroo and McCann Worldgroup India faced was to come up with a low-cost customisation process that is accessible to everyone afflicted with Clubfoot."

She added, "With our designers, street cobblers' skills, street presence, and special Fit My Feet kits that we made, a unique solution was implemented that not only changes the lives of people with Clubfoot but also impacts their entire community mentally and economically. We’re excited to scale up this initiative so that the ripple effect can make lives easier for people with Clubfoot globally.”

Prasoon Joshi, CEO and chief creative officer of McCann Worldgroup India, commented, “Fit My Feet weaves threads of innovation among individuals affected by clubfoot and India’s cobbler community. We at McCann Worldgroup India worked closely with native Indian brand, Buckaroo, and it’s great that we could came up with this initiative to transform the lifestyles of these communities. We all are really looking forward to this campaign and the entire McCann Worldgroup network is excited about this initiative. I specially want to mention Vikram Dhembare who since inception to execution has been the key to this project. At McCann Worldgroup India, it is one of our progressive steps towards a society where every individual's unique needs are met with creativity, compassion, and dedication.”

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