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Burger King’s new crap-free ice cream is shit

The fast-food giant has introduced a poop emoji ice cream that is free of any kind of artificial ingredients.

The Moldy Whopper was Burger King’s most spectacular attempt to highlight its commitment to serving food free from any kind of artificial ingredients. Its new poop emoji ice cream in Brazil is finishing move you new saw coming.

This one-of-a-kind ice cream will initially sell at Burger King’s ice cream trucks and may eventually become available at its restaurants.

“Artificial preservatives. Artificial coloring. Artificial flavoring. Our ice creams used to have this shit. But now it’s different,” says the fast-food giant in its ad. DAVID Sao Paulo is behind this campaign.

In 2020, Burger King grilled the advertising world with its ‘Moldy Whopper’ campaign that showed how the brand’s signature Whopper burgers would decay if was left exposed to its surroundings because the Whopper was free from any artificial ingredients.

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