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Cadbury 5 Star installs umpire CK Nandan's holographic statue at Mumbai’s Marine Drive

The brand has declared the umpire as its brand ambassador.

As part of Cadbury 5 Star’s latest IPL campaign, the brand has installed a 12-feet holographic statue of the umpire, CK Nandan, at Marine Drive in Mumbai.

The statue was open to visitors from April 28 to May 2 and displayed the significance of the campaign idea on a plaque with the objective of creating a unique experience and engagement touch point for people who can pay their tribute to the legend as well. Additionally, the brand has also unveiled a digital film supported through a 360-degree marketing plan spread across platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Hotstar.

Taking its ‘Do Nothing’ proposition forward and in tune with the current cricketing season, 5 Star has declared the umpire as its brand ambassador. By crowning third umpires the #DoNothingLegend of cricket, the campaign celebrates these “true icons” - the ones who make the least moves, but the most impactful ones. The umpire rightly fits into the philosophy as they can turn a match’s tide and make millions wait with bated breath “while they do almost nothing".

Anil Viswanathan, vice president - marketing, Mondelez India, said, “Today IPL has become synonymous to cricket and with #DoNothingLegend, our aim is to shine a spotlight on the real legends, the game changers, who make historic decisions in these matches - the third umpire. They hold the power to make or break a match, whilst silently seated in a room, giving people the feeling that they are doing nothing at all. Cadbury 5 Star has always applauded the unimaginable results of doing nothing, and this campaign is no exception. This one-of-a-kind activation coupled with 360-degree efforts reiterates Cadbury 5 Star’s brand persona of being witty. The campaign speaks in a language that best resonates with the youth, who remain major followers of the sport.”

“IPL is core to our target audience, however landing our message of 'Do Nothing' on such a high octane event was close to impossible. This is a great example of finding the right targeting moment and working with partners to leverage it. Be it people watching the match online, people reading about the match, people discussing the match, or people watching the match with their friends. Every touchpoint will be celebrating the Third Umpire moments with 5-Star,” said Shekhar Banerjee, chief client officer, Wavemaker India.

Sukesh Nayak, chief creative officer, Ogilvy India, added, “This IPL we aimed to establish a connection with the youth by further strengthening the ‘Do Nothing’ proposition by celebrating and turning the third umpire into an iconic symbol that says, “Doing nothing is everything” and that's how we became the first brand to make the Third Umpire a brand ambassador.”

Last year, 5 Star provided its users ‘Nothing Coins’ for doing nothing. It also had a bank at Nariman Point (Mumbai) opposite the State Bank of India (SBI) head office.

It extended the ‘Do Nothing’ brand philosophy to Valentine’s Day as well. The chocolate brand took over an island located off the coast of Karnataka and renamed it ‘My Cousin’s Wedding’. It offered an alternative way to spend Valentine’s Day – eating complimentary 5 Stars and doing absolutely nothing on a beautiful island, with no one around to disturb you.

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