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Cadbury Gems partners with Tiger Shroff to empower kids with musical creativity

The #MyMastiMyMusic campaign film showcases today’s reality of children imitating and grooving to music which is not particularly appropriate for their age.

Cadbury Gems, the bite-sized chocolate brand, has launched a new campaign with Bollywood powerhouse - Tiger Shroff. One of the best ways children can express themselves and the joy they feel is through dance. However, in a time where age-appropriate music for kids is scarce, Cadbury Gems has created a super easy and fun digital platform that allows children to create their own music.

As a part of this innovative campaign, the brand has created a microsite – which allows children to create music in easy steps. All they need to do is select atleast 3 unique Gems buttons on the screen to mix and match tunes of different genres and create a unique music track to dance to. In an added fun element, users who create the best tune will witness Tiger Shroff dance to their tunes. Additionally, there will be weekly winners in the campaign who can win musical instruments.

The Cadbury Gems #MyMastiMyMusic campaign film showcases today’s reality of children imitating and grooving to music which is not particularly appropriate for their age. It goes on to show a bunch of ‘Gems Kids’ who stop the inappropriate music and instead nudges the viewer to log on to and create their own music which is suitable for children. It concludes with the announcement of the mega gratification which is Tiger dancing to the best tunes created by children.

Speaking about this campaign, Nitin Saini, vice president, marketing, Mondelez India said, “Cadbury Gems has always been about bringing that child-like masti and excitement to life for all. However, as a brand, we couldn’t ignore that there was not enough music for children to express their happiness and for them to dance to. Leading to conceptualisation of #MyMastiMyMusic, which also addresses our brand’s larger objective to empower children to express themselves, be creative and embrace their colourful imagination. Through this innovative initiative, we hope to continue spreading joy, one musical note at a time.”

Actor Tiger Shroff, talking about this new association, said “I’m so excited to be a part of the Cadbury Gems family! Cadbury Gems is such an iconic brand and always reminds me to have a little fun. I am elated to be associated with them to bring this fun and unique campaign for children everywhere encouraging them to bring out their creative side through music.”

Sukesh Nayak, chief creative officer, Ogilvy India said “Today’s kids are exposed to music across genres. And they enjoy it without an understanding of what it means. But is it appropriate for them? It’s no fun to watch kids groove and dance to songs meant for adults. I am delighted to be partnering with Cadbury Gems to introduce a digital platform that not only addresses this problem, but also empowers children to create their own music to dance to.”

To bring this platform to life, Cadbury Gems collaborated with the acclaimed musical director, Sameer Uddin. His expertise and passion for music were pivotal in crafting an engaging and accessible platform that resonates with children of all ages.

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