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Center Fruit serves tennis ball-shaped chewing gum in transparent packaging

The brand put 15 months of effort into this innovation as per Rohit Kapoor, director of marketing, Perfetti Van Melle; the gum’s parent company.

Center Fruit, a chewing gum brand from Perfetti Van Melle, has served us, consumers, a tennis ball-shaped gum in a brand new transparent packaging. We did not see it coming and this innovation comes in a pineapple flavour.

Rohit Kapoor, director of marketing, of the company, announced this “innovation” in a LinkedIn post where he revealed the “R&D/factory team and Brand team” had been working on it for the past 15 months.

Center Fruit’s packaging, until now, was opaque and the colour reflected the flavour of the gum inside such as watermelon, peppermint, mint, among others.

The ‘Center Fruit Tennis Ball shape gum’ will hit the stores this week (March 7- 13), a single piece will cost Rs 2 and a multi-unit flow pack will cost Rs 10.

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