Shreyas Kulkarni

CRED takes the mickey out of celebrity-driven masterclasses

And gets celebrities and influencers to deliver the jab.

Getting Rahul Dravid to lash out at people stuck in traffic, making celebrities audition and fail for its ads, turning Indian men cricketers of the 90s into a boyband, CRED’s social media game is as inexplicable as its business model.

Its recent move is to take hilarious jabs at the trend of celebrity masterclasses by some of India’s trendy faces. Ravi Shastri teaches The Art of Work-Life Balance, Supriya Joshi doles out directives on perfecting the bare minimum, Sunil Gavaskar reveals the secret behind staying not out, Baba Sehgal explains what you must do to become a rhyme god and more.

Before these videos, CRED had released a few videos where famous people spoke about the challenges they overcame in life. CRED has also released videos where experts talk about different aspects of business and marketing.

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