Ananya Pathak

Dabur reclassifies portfolio; launches 'Immunity Kit'

Priced from ₹245 onwards, the kit is available across retail stores and e-commerce platforms. Free kits will be given to first 1,000 people who register with the brand.

As part of its commitment to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Dabur has launched an 'Immunity Kit'. The kit includes Dabur’s range of time-tested ayurvedic formulations, like Chyawanprash, Giloy Ghanvati, Giloy Churna, Stresscom Ashwagandha, ImuDab Syrup, Honey, Honitus, and Honitus Hot Sip.

Dabur reclassifies portfolio; launches 'Immunity Kit'

The kit is powered to help fight cold and cough, protect against infections, support a healthy respiratory system, and boost overall health and immunity.

The brand has also launched a 20-second-long TVC to communicate about the kit.

Dabur will distribute free 'Immunity Kits' to the first 1,000 people who register with the brand on its website. The kit is available for purchase across retail stores and e-commerce platforms pan-India at four different prices: ₹245 (three products: Honey, Honitus Cough Syrup and Giloy Ghanvati Tablets), ₹299 (four products: Honey, Honitus Cough Syrup, Honitus Hot Sip Ayurvedic Kadha and Giloy Ghanvati Tablets), ₹499 (five products: Giloy Ghanvati Tablets, Honitus Hot Sip Ayurvedic Kadha, Honitus Cough Syrup, Dabur Chyawanprash and Stresscom Ashwagandha Capsules), and ₹550 (six products: Giloy Ghanvati Tablets, Giloy Churna, Honitus Cough Syrup, Dabur Chyawanprash, ImuDab Syrup and Stresscom Ashwagandha Capsules).

Dabur reclassifies portfolio; launches 'Immunity Kit'

Pointing out the benefits of each of the products included in the kit, the brand mentions that Dabur Chyawanprash fights illness with the power of double immunity, and builds strength and stamina. Dabur ImuDab, which is an Ayurvedic alternative to antibiotics, prevents infections and sore throat. It also increases body's immunity against infections.

Dabur Stresscom boosts immunity against infections, and relieves anxiety, stress and fatigue. Dabur Honey is a great remedy for cough and cold, and boosts your energy and keeps you active. Honitus and Honitus Hot Sip effectively controls cough and relieves throat irritation. Dabur Giloy ki Ghanvati provides strength to body and lowers body temperature (fever). Dabur Giloy Churna helps purify blood.

At the time of filing this story, we could not ascertain the exact quantity of each of these products in four available kit formats. Or where the price of the kit stands when put against the collective MRPs of the products it consists of.