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Dabur’s tweet on Keora Water got us scratching our heads

Why was the FMCG giant tweeting about this water?

On November 18, 2020, Dabur tweeted a photograph of its Keora Water brand, while a caption read, “From heavenly Chicken Biryani and mouth-watering Pulao to the sweetest of Shahi Kheer and Gajar Ka Halwa… No matter what you're craving, make it delicious with #Dabur #KeoraWater!”

What set this tweet apart was the sudden appearance of Keora Water in Dabur’s timeline and also the imagery and mention of ‘Chicken Biryani’. Dabur is a leading Indian FMCG, Ayurvedic and healthcare company. To see it mention a meat food item came as a surprise. Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

Reading the caption, some of us (at afaqs!) wondered what Keora Water is. When did Dabur launch it? Turns out, it isn’t a new product. Dabur has been selling Keora Water for over two decades. It’s used as a flavouring agent in rice dishes, meat preparations and desserts - Sherbet, Ras Malai, Rasgullas. It gives the dishes that distinctive restaurant taste you might miss when you cook food at home.

Keora or Kewra is an extract distilled from the pandanus flowers and is very similar to rose water because it’s a transparent liquid. As per Tarla, “It is used to flavour meats, drinks and desserts in India, especially in the northern part and Southeast Asia… It can be combined with other floral waters, such as rose water, and added together on the recipe. It can be used as a health drink.”

You can buy a 250 ml bottle of Dabur Keora Water for Rs 62 on Amazon India.