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Delhi High Court rejects PepsiCo's plea in 'For The Bold' trademark dispute with Parle

The court has temporarily barred Parle from featuring 'For The Bold' tagline in advertising.

The Delhi High Court has denied PepsiCo's request for an injunction in a trademark dispute with Parle Agro over the use of the "For The Bold" tagline for its new drink, B Fizz.

However, the court has restricted Parle from modifying the "Bold" label or prominently featuring the "Bold" tagline in its beverage advertising until a resolution is reached in Parle's challenge to PepsiCo's "Bold" trademark registration. The court has mandated the immediate removal and discontinuation of any such ads if Parle does not comply with the order. PepsiCo has the option to approach the court if Parle fails to comply.

The court has deemed Parle's challenge to PepsiCo's trademark as "tenable" and scheduled a hearing for October, with no room for adjournment.

In 2021, PepsiCo filed a legal action against Parle over its juice-based beverage, B Fizz, which featured the tagline "Be The Fizz. For The Bold." The drink received celebrity endorsements and is available in over 20,000 cities across India.

PepsiCo argued that "For The Bold" is a globally registered trademark for its Doritos nacho chips brand and is seeking ₹2 crore in damages, alleging unfair trade practices by Parle Agro.

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