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Dove partners with Bobble AI under #StopTheBeautyTest 2.0

The partnership is a part of Dove’s ongoing initiative - #StopTheBeautyTest and will be live pan-India across all handsets which carry the Bobble app.

Dove  has partnered with Bobble AI under the #StopTheBeautyTest 2.0 campaign , that highlights the deep  impact on the  beauty judgments on young minds and how it significantly affects their self-esteem and confidence while growing up.

The app offers a reach of 76+ million users across all types and ranges of smartphone  devices in India. This powerful, smartphone keyboard platform uses contextual AI tech to provide a richer,  customized & intuitive typing experience to its user.

By contextualizing the conversation to a positive affirmation,  this brand integration will make use of the covert auto-suggest feature found in Bobble AI's keyboards to push a  straightforward but sensitive message and give users the option to refrain from using words and comments that  might negatively impact a woman's self-esteem. For instance, a popup that appears when a user inputs "try losing  some weight" encourages them to think that "All sizes are lovely." 

Speaking about the innovation, Harman Dhillon - vice president -skin care , color cosmetics and Dove Masterbrand,  Hindustan Unilever Limited said, "We have received overwhelming support for our campaign #StopTheBeautyTest  2.0. Our aim will be to continue raising society's awareness around the beauty biases and highlight the lasting effect  it has on the developing minds of young girls. With our association with Bobble AI, we intend to further reinforce  our mission and remind society to drive change and shape a more inclusive future for all.” 

“This effort seamlessly leverages the intuitive smart keyboard technology to create a moment of truth, prompting  users to be more mindful before casually imposing age-old beauty standards onto others”, added Ajay Mehta - senior vice president, of Content+, Mindshare. 

Commenting on the collaboration, Ankit Prasad, founder and CEO of Bobble AI expressed, "Bobble AI has always  strived to make this world a better place by using tech to empower daily conversations for millions. It is a matter of  pride for us that a global brand Dove and a reputed agency like Mindshare are trusting our tech-capabilities to scale  their #StopTheBeautyTest campaign digitally. We are committed to leverage our in-house innovations to shape the  future and contribute to the positive wellbeing of society.”  

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