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DS Group's 'Chingles' chewing gum unveils an AI prankbot to suggest pranks

The 'Chingles Prankbot' campaign is created by Merely Digital and executed in collaboration with White Rivers Media.

Dharampal Satyapal Group (DS Group), a multi-business corporation and a FMCG Conglomerate, has unveiled a unique digital campaign for its chewing gum, 'Chingles.'

The Chingles Prankbot digital campaign, has been created by Merely Digital and executed in collaboration with White Rivers Media.

The #ChinglesPrankbot campaign is set to debut on Instagram and subsequently on other social media platforms. The brand has introduced an AI-bot specialising in suggesting pranks. The central idea behind the campaign is to rekindle the culture of pranks and gags, providing people with a light-hearted escape from stress.

Master-Lee is the AI PrankBot designed to recommend harmless and amusing pranks. Master-Lee aims to create a space where individuals find joy in the simple things around them through unique pranks suggested by the bot. Utilising machine learning, the bot understands users' preferences and offers personalised prank ideas based on their inputs. Master-Lee's expertise lies in suggesting unexpected and impactful pranks, encouraging users to engage in laughter-filled moments with their family and friends.

Announcing the campaign, Arvind Kumar, general manager, DS Foods Limited (Confectionery), said, "With the introduction of the Chingles Prankbot campaign, we are not only providing fun and entertaining elements to our consumers but also establishing Chingles Gum as a trendsetter in the chewing gum category. Master-Lee, AI PrankBot, is a unique and exciting way for people to experience laughter and joy in their everyday lives. We believe this campaign will resonate with our existing customer base and attract new audiences seeking novel and enjoyable experiences in the digital realm."

"The quirky and exciting nature of the Chingles Gums’ Master-Lee campaign made it a great experience. This serves as a perfect and fresh example of how brands can maneuver the power of AI to connect with their consumers and create massive buzz online," commented Mitesh Kothari, co-founder, and chief creative officer, White Rivers Media.

To create engagement with the users, the Prank Bot will be introduced, accessible to users through Chingles Instagram DMs, where they can seek prank-related suggestions, and the bot will respond in a fun and quirky manner based on their inputs. Users can share the Prank Bot's DM responses on their stories. Master-Lee will feature and rate the best prank attempts on the official page, providing recognition and appreciation to participants.

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