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Faber launches Oxypure: vegetable and fruit cleaner

The product is avalable in two models: FVP OXYPURE 10 Blonde & FVP OXYPURE 10 Seafoam and is priced at Rs. 5,990/-

Faber launches Oxypure : A Vegetable & Fruit Cleaner is a transcendent ozoniser which removes pesticides, bacteria, viruses and harmful chemicals from the surface of vegetables, Fruits, Sea Food, Meat & other eatables to make them fresh & pure. It also removes harmful toxins from the body by ozonized water and is a cure for fungal infections.

This Oxypure disinfects the food, vegetable and meat by removing chemicals, pesticides, bacteria and other pathogens while retaining its nutritional value, original flavour and taste to the food and extends the food life and keep safe from water borne disease. The Transcendent Ozoniser comes with a high capacity of 10 Litres and is extremely easy and convenient to use. It’s Compact space and saving design, makes it easy to use it anywhere and is low cost maintenance. It has an Automatic Timer that let’s You Pre-Set the Time From 15 To 20 Minutes, Depending on Your Requirement. And also comes with a simple LED display to make it very easy to use the desired settings.

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