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Farmers share 'seed to plate' story on Kisan Diwas at Simpli Namdhari's outlets

Farmers from Bidadi interacted with customers to create awareness about how food makes its way to the table.

Simpli Namdhari's, a 100% vegetarian omnichannel retailer, spotlighted farmers on Kisan Diwas at its Hebbal and Yelahanka outlets. The event, part of ongoing Choose Goodness campaign, aimed to educate customers about the journey of food production from seed to plate.

Bidadi farmers were invited to engage with customers, shedding light on the intricate process of food cultivation, emphasising its path from seed germination to supermarket shelves. The event's core objective was to raise awareness among customers about the pivotal role farmers play in ensuring a steady supply of fresh produce.

Throughout the event, farmers shared insights into cultivating fruits and vegetables, offering valuable tips to home gardening enthusiasts. Customers actively participated in an in-store activity, planting seeds under the guidance of farmers, fostering a deeper connection between consumers and the farming process.

Farmers share 'seed to plate' story on Kisan Diwas at Simpli Namdhari's outlets

The initiative sought to bridge the gap between customers and the agricultural process, emphasising the significance of understanding the journey of produce from farm to table. Simpli Namdhari's aimed to highlight the essential role of farmers in securing food resources for Indian consumers.

In tandem with the event, the brand launched a video campaign illustrating the parallels between a mother's journey from conception to delivery and the farmers' role in nurturing crops. The video aimed to underscore the vital contribution of farmers to India's future, drawing a comparison to the significance of mothers in creating life.

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